Hollis Locksmith Service Car Transponder Keys Hollis, NY


Hollis Locksmith Service Hollis, NY 718-971-9692Almost every vehicle these days comes equipped with a transponder key. Thanks to a revolution in the automobile security industry a few decades ago, car transponder keys  gained the limelight as a potential anti-theft device that makes it several times harder for criminals to do away with the vehicles. Today, almost every vehicle uses these types of keys and it’s not hard to see why. Unlike common flat keys, that can be easily duplicated, the complex programming of these keys makes them very hard to clone.

While the upsides of implementing this system are great, what happens if you lose car transponder keys ? Yes, you will no longer be able to fire up the ignition, but there’s worse – it can possibly fall into the wrong hands. So, what do you do? Here are a few options:

  • Call your dealership:
    Your dealership can definitely get new keys made for you. The cost leans on the heavier side and depends largely on the make and type of key. In addition to paying for the key, you might also have to pay the towing service to tow your vehicle to the dealer’s store. Also, this option might not help you much if you’re in need of new car transponder keys urgently.
  • Call a trusted locksmith:
    If you need new keys made right away, a locksmith is your right option. Automotive locksmiths have all the necessary machinery, key blanks, and the programming knowledge to make new keys. Also, a few rare firms such as Hollis Locksmith Service run mobile operations. Stay put and a workshop would arrive to make you new keys, right where you need it.


Make spare keys:

Copying an existing key and making a new one doesn’t take our technicians long. They have all the information they need to proceed with the cloning process and generally, the process is completed within half an hour.

Replacement for lost keys:

This is the most common complaint we receive from distressed customers in Hollis, NY area. Our technicians will gather all the corresponding information of your vehicle and create an exact replica of the lost key.

Reprogramming the system:

If you suspect your car transponder keys  have been stolen, whoever has your key can operate your car anytime he/she wishes. Our experts can erase the old key information from your car’s system and program a new key with entirely new coding information.

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