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Hollis Locksmith Service Hollis, NY 718-971-9692Right from helping people make day-to-day transit to and from work, to facilitating the movement of goods in industrial setups, the world today relies heavily on transportation. When vehicles don such an important position in our lives, garage spaces are still more important. Modern day garages come equipped with sturdy doors, robust opener systems and high-end locks. Not only do they act as a storage space for vehicles and allow easy entry/exit, they also provide complete security to your vehicles. In addition, a few garages are interlinked with homes and provide an alternate entry point. This further highlights the significance of maintaining optimal garage security. A defunct opener or a damaged door could hamper operations and jeopardize your property’s security.

For this reason, Hollis Locksmith Service has an exclusive unit working 24/7 dedicated to addressing emergency garage-related concerns, providing services such as garage door repair  and replacement. We’ve been catering to clients in Hollis, NY area for over ten years now, and know the ins and outs of the industry to render the most efficient, qualitative and economical service.

Get the right guidance from us

Don’t trust a locksmith who immediately tells you to replace a perfectly good door with a new one. Most damages can be repaired. Regular wear and tear, and damages due to physical impact, can be fixed. A full replacement will not come easy on your pockets, and in the end, you’ll only be investing in an unnecessary endeavor. When you come to us, seeking our expertise, there’s one thing for sure – you’ll never be deceived. We honor integrity and you’ll receive nothing but the most honest, transparent advice from our experts. If there is a possibility of saving your door by carrying out a garage door repair,  then that’s exactly what our experts will do.

We can fix it all

We’ve been in the industry for years, and in all these years, we’ve soaked up knowledge on the various types of doors used. Be it a classic swing-style door, or an overhead variant, we can handle repairs on it all. The tools we own and the materials we stock are procured from top manufacturers. No matter how dilapidated or battered down your door was, when we’re through with the garage door repair  job, it’ll be as good as new.

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